The number of Apps designed for the Smart TVs grew up to 6

The number of Apps designed for the Smart TVs grew up to 6

Thanks to our App creator, we are now able to create Smart TV Apps in a really short time. Our Apps can now easily overcome the severe usability verifications performed by Samsung and are ready to be published over the market instantly.
In order to create quickly and publish our Apps successfully on the smart TVs, we implemented some of the functions of our creator so it can pass the cast-iron guidelines imposed by Samsung to anyone who wishes to publish an App on its market.

There are indeed several problems which must be sorted out during the creation of App for the Samsung smart TV. We mention just some of them:
– Due to the fact that a standard TV set is thought to be set at least 2 meters from the user, it is very important to choose a right dimension of the font;
- The streaming of a channel must continue even if the internet connection is interrupted. In this case the user must be informed about the problem with a proper message on the screen;
- The App should interact with the remote control. Indeed, the smart TV has no mouse or touch screen. The user employs the remote control and some of its buttons. The “return” and the “exit” button must in fact be associated to clearly defined functions.
These are just some of the examples of restrictions imposed by Samsung to who wants to publish an App on its market. We successfully managed to sort out all of the problems connected to the functionalities of our App and to the requirements of the brand. Thanks to all the solutions we applied, the number of Apps dedicated to Samsung market is growing very fast.


We created our first App for Teleradiopace (see the article, Dec. 12th 2014), now we accomplished to add further 4 Apps which allow to stream further 4 channels: RTB, TVL, Telebelluno, TSD and Telemistretta.

It really has to be said: “Stay tuned!”

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