Pirai Mobile

  • Client: Prefeitura di Piraí
  • Date: 2014
  • Info: “Piraí Mobile” is the example of App that the public administration authority, the Prefecture of Piraí, a city in the Rio De Janeiro district, in Brazil, created by integrating iMAG and M3.
    It was presented during “Piraí Digital 10 Anos” exhibition, which took place between 12 and 15 of March 2014. It has been conceived to be used by the citizens of the Prefecture of Piraí, it is therefore in Portuguese, and provides the information related to the hospitality, restaurant industry, entertainment and public service details in the area. It is a direct connection to the administration thanks also to a live chat in Portuguese managed by the conversational engine M3. The citizens use it to ask questions concerning public health by writing an informal text and by obtaining immediate answers.

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