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The number of Apps designed for the Smart TVs grew up to 6

Thanks to our App creator, we are now able to create Smart TV Apps in a really short time. Our Apps can now easily overcome the severe usability verifications performed by Samsung and are ready to be published over the market instantly. In order to create quickly and publish our Apps successfully on the smart

“Piraí Mobile” App

“Piraí Mobile” is the example of App that the public administration authority, the Prefecture of Piraí, a city in the Rio De Janeiro district, in Brazil, created by integrating iMAG and M3. It was presented during “Piraí Digital 10 Anos” exhibition, which took place between 12 and 15 of March 2014. It has been conceived


A person who wishes to make an App should first of all consider when the App will be downloaded and the place where it will be downloaded. The right choice of the moment in which the App downloads the text, the photos as well as audio and video files, is crucial. It happens very often


One of the innovations introduced by Apple with the official release of iOS7 which positively surprised us is the “location beacon”. It takes advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, known also as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE. Which is the reason of our interest? It is the possibility of creating the interactive tours within a


The proximity alert is an interesting feature used during the creation of the Apps designed for the tourist routes, archaeological parks and cultural itineraries. These itineraries usually take place outdoors. They are normally thought to be walked on foot, driven by car, on an open bus or on a boat. Once they user is getting


An innovative tool with a strong impact: the App performed through iMAG installed on the tablets on board of Ape Calessino owned by ApeRomaTour. Discover Rome on board of the electric Ape Calessino: a new and original intuition of ApeRomaTour that gave birth to an extravagant, original and fashionable idea. The way to bet on
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