An innovative tool with a strong impact: the App performed through iMAG installed on the tablets on board of Ape Calessino owned by ApeRomaTour.
Discover Rome on board of the electric Ape Calessino: a new and original intuition of ApeRomaTour that gave birth to an extravagant, original and fashionable idea. The way to bet on the nostalgic and timeless electric Ape Calessino as a mean of transportation that makes you discover and taste the glimpses and the scenarios of Fellini’s “Dolce Vita” film or Wyler’s “Vacanze Romane”, with regard to environment, demands and contemporary trends.


Nova ICT ha sviluppato un’App per i tablet a bordo delle Ape Calessino che fa da guida ai turisti lungo l’itinerario.

La georeferenziazione, che usa il GPS del tablet, permette la riproduzione automatica di audio e video quando il turista è nelle vicinanze di un punto di interesse unitamente ad una scheda ricca di foto ed una spiegazione testuale.

L’App ha le seguenti caratteristiche:
• The geo-localization of the device and references on an interactive map thanks to the internet connection and Google Maps ;
• 12 pre-established itineraries;
• Visualization of the file and an automatic reproduction of the audio related to the Point of interest (monument and/or archeological site, etc.) in its proximity (Proximity Alert);
• Multilingual support (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish);
• A Possibility of a customized static advertising banner.

Such kind of App can be applied to all the analogue situations, such as: open bus, river boats and historical tramways.

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