iMAG - Main menu App and browsable preview
iMAG - Progress bar that indicates the work in progress of a project to be completed. Multi-platform panel iPhone and iPad iOS, Android, Windows Phone e BlackBerry
    • it is a last generation responsive portal
    • it lets you to browse the preview of the App
    • the App is multilingual and includes Chinese, Russian and Japanese
    • it takes a minute to create the App
    • the submenus are illimitated
    • it refreshes and updates promptly
    • it contains the HTML editor for the insertion of content
    • the text reproduction is synthetized (TTS-Text to Speech) and avoids usage of a speaker
    • it has photo galleries
    • the audio source is Mp3
    • it contains video
    • it accesses the Google maps
    • it has a proximity alarm
    • planimetry
    • it features a progress bar that indicates the work in progress of a project to be completed, which is about to be published or which publishing is carried out successfully
    • market Apple, Google
    • timetable: about 10 days circa for Apple and 3 days for Google (depending on the respective market)
    • a quick achievement of the new versions of the App
    • several rules as: user –operator, financial and legal representative
    • the assignment of users to one or more projects
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