May i try iMAG?

Of course you can! Star using our platform for free by sending your request through the following module.

Is there any cost or any annual fee for the usage of imag platform?

No. The usage of the platform is completely free. There are no opening costs or annual fees. You pay only in case you decide to publish the App throughout the markets.

May i customize my app with my logo, my icon, etc.?

Of course you can! The iMAG portal lets you add your logo, the splash-screen (the image to be proposed when the application is initialized) as well as other icons.

How many photos, audio clips and videos may i publish in a single app?

We did not fix any limit but we suggest not to create ‘heavy’ Apps in order to not discourage the users from downloading them.
A green, yellow and red bar indicates if your App satisfies our parameters.

May i update the contents once i published my app?

Yes. You can update the contents at no extra cost even after your App had been published. You can revise your App two times in the course of the year.

Does the user know that i updated my app?

Yes, the user is notified about the updated.

How can i test my app before it is published?

You can see how will your App appear on the smart-phones thanks to a preview you can browse.

Once i inserted the content through the imag portal, how long does it take to have the app published?

We quickly verify if the content inserted doesn’t not infringe the rules established by the markers and it usually takes from 5 to 10 days depending on the market.

Can i supervise the number of users that downloaded the app?

Yes, the iMAG platform contains a specific function that makes a statistic survey of the App and of all the documents it contains. Some of the controlled information is:
- The number of the installed Apps divided per market and per period.
- The number of uninstalled Apps divided per market and per period.

May i sell my app?

Yes, you decide the price according to the price category of the markets. In this case we detain e percentage of the income as a refund for the administrative expenses.

Are the dimension of the app limited?

Yes. We believe that the excessive dimensions will discourage the use of an App. Just as it happens for the slow web pages that force the user to abandon them, a slow App may convince a user to abandon the installation.

If i owe the copyright of the photos, videos and other materials do i loose it once they are published in my app?

Absolutely no! The copyright belong to the lawful owner. We only use them to assembly and to publish the App.

How do i cancel the app from the markets?

It is enough if you do not renew your subscription when it is about to expiry. The App will automatically be removed from the markets and an email can be send from the ‘legal’ email of the account.

Once a tourist installed the app does he need an internet connection?

Only in case the maps had been inserted. Indeed all the content is assembled within the App. Once it is downloaded the internet connection is no more necessary. It is therefore possible to use the App when there is no connection or where the wireless connection is unavailable.

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