How to make a route on Google Maps

How to make a route on Google Maps

Go to Google Maps.
Click onto “Login” and insert login and password of your Google account. If you don’t have any, choose “Register”
Click onto “My places”, then “Or create a map with a classic version of My maps”. WARNING: iMAG doesn’t support maps created with the new version of Google Maps.
Insert title and description for this map/route.
You can now insert bookmark, trace lines and enclose areas.
Once you created the map of the route, make sure the changes have been saved. If the button “Save” appears, click on it.
Click on “chain” icon. A an url like this should be displayed:,12.476306&spn=0.025873,0.033259

You must extract the code contained between “msid=” e “&msa”, in this case: “205508517564090521183.0004e115aa8398a6491ba”. This is the identification code of your map that you need to insert in Trip ID field. Watch out and DO NOT insert the signs “=” and “&” within the Trip ID.

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