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The inception of an idea

This place gave birth to the idea of a simple, economic and innovative product that replaces old and expensive audio guides and led to the creation of an App dedicated to the world of culture.

«It is not luxurious, it’s rather intimate» – the words expressed in the famous film “Vacanze Romane” (“Roman Holiday”) by Gregory Peck’s friend, a journalist, greatly depict the Grande Galleria of the Colonna Palace
Galleria Colonna
The Palace is one of the biggest and of the most antique private palaces of Rome, located between Venice Square and Trevi Fountain. A huge Baroque palace harbors the masterpieces of the major Italian and foreign artists of the XV and XVI century. Among them: Pinturicchio, Cosme’ Tura, Carracci, Guido Reni, Tintoretto, Salvator Rosa, Bronzino, Guercino, Veronese, Vanvitelli and many others.
Winsome graphics, the details of all masterpieces gathered in a photo gallery, a simple research through the records, the videos and the participation to Apple and Google markets as well as the “social” aspects- all these features make the iMAG App a precious tool that awakes your imagination, guides you through and lets you remember your visit to Colonna Palace.

Our mission

Is to put our App on disposal of every museum, exposition, archeological site or any cultural itinerary the way it can guide through the experience of the cultural inheritance. We wish to share our knowledge in the area of innovative products of a strong economic impact.
We invite you to visit our website at Nova ICT for further information.

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