The number of Apps designed for the Smart TVs grew up to 6

Thanks to our App creator, we are now able to create Smart TV Apps in a really short time. Our Apps can now easily overcome the severe usability verifications performed by Samsung and are ready to be published over the market instantly. In order to create quickly and publish our Apps successfully on the smart TVs, we implemented some of the functions of our creator so it can pass the cast-iron guidelines imposed by Samsung to anyone who wishes to

How to make a route on Google Maps

Go to Google Maps. Click onto “Login” and insert login and password of your Google account. If you don’t have any, choose “Register” Click onto “My places”, then “Or create a map with a classic version of My maps”. WARNING: iMAG doesn’t support maps created with the new version of Google Maps. Insert title and description for this map/route. You can now insert bookmark, trace lines and enclose areas. Once you created the map of the route, make sure the

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