“Piraí Mobile” App

“Piraí Mobile” App

“Piraí Mobile” is the example of App that the public administration authority, the Prefecture of Piraí, a city in the Rio De Janeiro district, in Brazil, created by integrating iMAG and M3.

It was presented during “Piraí Digital 10 Anos” exhibition, which took place between 12 and 15 of March 2014. It has been conceived to be used by the citizens of the Prefecture of Piraí, it is therefore in Portuguese, and provides the information related to the hospitality, restaurant industry, entertainment and public service details in the area. It is a direct connection to the administration thanks also to a live chat in Portuguese managed by the conversational engine M3. The citizens use it to ask questions concerning public health by writing an informal text and by obtaining immediate answers.

iMAG is an easy to use App generator, which doesn’t require any specific technical skills and allows to create an App in a quick way. Its main features are: the proximity alert, the offline functioning, the integration with Google Analytics, the publication on Apple and Google markets, audio and video reproduction as well as the photo gallery.

M3 is a multichannel conversational platform which makes possible the automatic dialogues with the corporate systems assisted also by operators. It is able to manage the major part of the conversations in a live chat.
“Piraí Digital” has been conceived in 2004 as a program designed for the social inclusion through the internet. It’s been awarded with much international recognition. It raises the level of democracy, of production and of access to the knowledge and it engenders new job opportunities in Piraí. This way, the city attracted new investments and became an example of a “smart city” in Brazil. All the students and teachers of the city network have their laptops and all the population connects to the free Wi-Fi connection. The program computerized the libraries and the local schools and let them develop the innovative educational activities. It modernized the public administration and it promotes the participation of the community to the decisional processes of the Municipality. The city of Piraí realized the approach of the digital inclusion of everyone, by creating the conditions which allow the citizens to take advantage of the new technology in terms of professional education, access to the information, entertainment and citizenship.
The project has been realized thanks to the collaboration between the Prefecture of Piraí, Youtility Center do Brasil, Enuan and Nova ICT.

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