The proximity alert is an interesting feature used during the creation of the Apps designed for the tourist routes, archaeological parks and cultural itineraries. These itineraries usually take place outdoors. They are normally thought to be walked on foot, driven by car, on an open bus or on a boat. Once they user is getting closer to a point of interest, the App springs the proximity alert which reproduces the audio or video file or displays a text.

The important feature of the App is to take advantage of the GPS which allows the smartphones and the tablets to localize the user’s position. This feature is indicated for the creation of Apps designed for the outdoor itineraries, such as: town parks, gastronomical tours, itineraries of wine, cultural itineraries, open bus tours, boat tours, archaeological parks and nature trails.
The geo-localization in a valid alternative for the use of QR Code, as it doesn’t request a manual interaction. It means that once the user approaches the photo camera of the smartphone or tablet to the barcode, the proximity alert springs automatically, displaying the distances that go from the minimum of a couple of meters to some kilometers from the point of interest. The distances can be set by the user.
The example of an App, created with iMAG, which uses the proximity alert, is “Via Francigena in the South” (Via Francigena del Sud), an about 90 kilometer long itinerary from Rome towards the South which contains 28 geo localized points of interest, such as: 8 old town centers, 4 religious buildings (churches, sanctuaries, cloisters), 6 building containing the cultural heritage (courts, fortresses, castles), 5 archaeological sites and 5 museum.
The Apps created with iMAG by using Apple “location based service” or Google “location aware”, usually remains in the background and not to the fore and can be recalled through a notification sent to a user once he approaches the point of interest. It is possible to insert into iMAG the supervised regions, defined by the geographical parameters of the point of interest and by a range. This way, once the user crosses the border of the established region, he receives a notification that informs him that the App has a content to be displayed.

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