A person who wishes to make an App should first of all consider when the App will be downloaded and the place where it will be downloaded. The right choice of the moment in which the App downloads the text, the photos as well as audio and video files, is crucial.

It happens very often that a beautiful App needs a constant Internet connection in order to function. So what if it happens in a historical building with one meter large walls or deep in a valley of a wildlife park? The answer is easy! The Internet connection will be missing or the transmission will be disturbed. As a consequence, it will not be possible to use the App.

An App that illustrates the artworks of a museum is different from an App that displays your bank statement.
In the first case, the App is used mostly during a visit to a museum and the user expects it to function while he admires and artwork. There are many big museums or exhibitions where very often there is no connectivity, it is therefore necessary to provide users with an internet access and the Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes it is impossible to realize it, due to a low budget or to the features of a building, for instance: the historical ones.
In the second case, a user that uses an App to consult his bank statement normally knows that he needs an accessible internet connection to do it.

An App that guides us along a path in a wildlife park is different from an App that is used to connect to a social network. Trekking, for instance, very often takes place in the middle of fascinating and uncontaminated places. It is impossible to get the internet connection and Wi-Fi there.

On the other hand, in case of user that wishes to connect to the social networks, there is an implicit existence of an internet connection which works well.

For these reasons, we reduced to the minimum the requirement of the access to the internet connection within the Apps created with iMAG. We try to insert directly to the App all the necessary information or to download all the requested data once the user has it installed on his smartphone or tablet. This way we are sure to have a connection and it is of a good quality.

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